Commodities Trading

Commodities Trading in Forex

At Opofinance, we believe in empowering traders with diverse opportunities. Commodity trading involves the exchange of raw materials and physical products, playing a crucial role in global markets. Comprising both hard and soft commodities, these resources hold immense value across various sectors. Our platform not only facilitates currency trading but also extends the scope to trade a range of commodities, enhancing the financial instruments at your disposal.

Benefits of Trading with Opofinance

Ultra Tight Spreads

Gain an edge in your trades by benefiting from spreads as low as 0.0 pips.

Exclusive Social Trading

Follow professional traders and mirror their trades through Opo Social Trading Platform.

Practical Trading Tools

We provide exclusive tools to clients, helping them utilize market opportunities.

Trusted and Regulated

Opofinance is a regulated broker and dedicated to safeguarding your funds.

Commodity Categories

In the realm of commodities, two categories stand out: hard and soft commodities. Hard commodities encompass resources extracted from the earth, like crude oil and natural gas, pivotal in powering economies worldwide. On the other hand, soft commodities, including agricultural and livestock products, require cultivation and nurturing before becoming tradable. These commodities hold significant importance for many nations, often serving as major exports.

Exploring the Commodity Market in Forex

While Forex predominantly deals with the trading of currencies, at Opofinance, we've expanded the horizon to integrate commodities seamlessly into the trading experience. Our platform serves as a gateway to access valuable mineral resources and goods, parallel to the currency pairs. Among these commodities, crude oil shines as a prominent asset, often referred to as "black gold." This essential energy resource enjoys recognition in various financial markets, including Forex, presenting substantial trading opportunities.

Unlocking the Power of Oil Trading

Opofinance acknowledges the significance of oil in the global economy and offers traders the chance to engage in oil trading. Our platform features key trading symbols such as BRN and WTI, representing the oil index. These symbols are paired with currencies, providing a dynamic avenue for traders to harness the potential of oil trading. The abbreviations WTI and CL are also used for West Texas Intermediate crude oil futures, enhancing trading efficiency.

Navigating Natural Gas Trading

Natural gas, marked by its significant price fluctuations, presents a compelling trading opportunity. At Opofinance, we recognize its importance and provide access to natural gas trading. With our platform, you can delve into the world of energy commodities, including natural gas (NG). Our user-friendly interface ensures seamless trading experiences, empowering you to capitalize on the potential of this valuable resource.

Commodities Contract Specifications

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West Texas Intermediate / US Dollar


Brent / US Dollar


Natural Gas / US Dollar


Benefits of Trading Commodities


High Volatility

Changes in supply and demand cause major fluctuations in oil prices. There are many major global factors in the market making it highly volatile.


High Liquidity

High liquidity in crude oil results in significant lower trading costs. High main transactions of this market ensures its high liquidity.


Low Spreads

Trade the world’s primary energy and commodities with very low spreads that increases your profit levels.



Magnify your trading potential using leveraged trading. This ensures that you can trade in commodities market.

Your Gateway to Commodity Trading

To start trading, you can easily set up an account with Opofinance broker. Our platform embraces commodities, fostering a diversified trading approach. Crude oil and natural gas, as integral components of the energy sector, hold immense potential for traders. Explore these opportunities, backed by valuable insights, and embark on a journey towards achieving your financial goals.

Commodities Trading FAQs

CFD is the short form for Contract For Difference, and it is an agreement which enables traders to speculate on the price of a financial instrument without actually owning the asset. The price of the CFD is derived from the price of the instrument. This means that if you buy/sell a CFD, your exposure is the same as if you had bought/sold the actual asset.

We provide various assets in forex, metals, commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies and stocks categories.

Our commodities prices are obtained from the liquidity providers. These are the most accurate price quotations for our clients. This is how we guarantee the best trading experience.

A safe haven is a commodity which is expected to keep its value or even increase it in times of market uncertainty. Trades prefer safe-haven products for limiting the losses in market downturns. One of these safe-haven commodities is gold.

Based on the traded lots, it is between 1:100 to 1:300

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